Moving to a new locality can be extremely stressful apart from the sheer excitement to start fresh. Packing and relocating all of your belongings to the destination without a warranty of keeping them safe and sound. Most of the plans falls face first because people end up with broken goods or disassembled furniture which is extremely dissatisfying. Unified Moving Services opens up a whole new horizon to moving and packing because that’s the only thing a person requires at the time of relocation. Introducing a handful of exciting offers and services, UMS is group of professional movers who would dazzle you with their flawless work ethics.

In order to reduce the stress which comes along with the strenuous effort of relocation, we offer a series of services which would definitely aid you. With an experience of over 13 years, UMS has maintained an undisputed track record of residential, commercial, government and military moving facilities. Our full time trained professional employees are completely committed to their work and we believe in absolute customer satisfaction. We never hire a single contractual employee and we possess a well equipped storage facility which is over 10,000 square feet.

Starting from packing your valuable possessions to the moving trucks and reinstalling them into your destination with finesse takes no extra charges as per the rules of UMS. Our group of professional movers offer complete protection to your goods by blanket wrapping it, assembling all furniture to its old methods, takes insurance responsibility of each and every article and store the furniture for two months if that’s needed. These few things come absolutely free with no extra cost. All the employees are trained and qualified to do things with utter perfection from beginning to end. So to afford a stress-free cost effective moving experience, contact the professionals of Unified Moving Services today.