Relocation for a few people is extremely exciting because there is always a thrill to meet new people, a new locality and a new start of life. But as thrilling as it is, it invites a huge amount of stress regarding the moving and packing extravaganza. Moving to a different state requires a lot of professional help with the packing, the transport, the moving, and the storage. But if you are worrying yourself with these concerns, we may suggest wiping that frown right away because Unified Moving Services are here to take care of you moving and relocating needs. One of the largest moving companies in America, UMS has a reputation in providing the best services in interstate moving.

You can create a packing plan to give extra protection to prized belongings because UMS takes care of them with finesse. Regardless the options that you choose, we will always take care of the loading, the transportation and unloading of the goods with a full value protection service. We also offer a lot of free services which will definitely attract your attention. We offer complete blanket wrapping protection to your prized belongings and we also reassemble all of your furniture after disassembling them. We ensure the valuation insurance for each and every item and storage up to two months if needed. We don’t charge any extra cost for this.
Our experienced teams of employees are committed to deliver a cost effective, superior quality interstate moving services within a technological environment to our customers. We have earned a massive amount of recognition from our prized line of clients and their opinions and suggestions matter to us the most. We provide an extremely client oriented and personally attentive service which also stresses on accessibility and our motto is to deliver a project in a perfect way.
If your require any assistance to plan your Interstate moving please call us one of our Sales Representatives will be ready to assist you.
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