Loretta and Jack Summe

My husband, Jack and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and offer our sincere appreciation for the excellent work your company provided us.

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We needed professional assistance moving a very heavy item up three flights of stairs.  Jack called over 10 local companies unsuccessfully.  Each company that refused us, gave him another company that "might" be able to do the job.  Eventually, I told Jack to let me help him and we started all over again searching for a company that could provide us with this needed service.

I started with the Better Business Bureau which is how we found out about your company, as we place high regard and confidence on their fair unbiased assessments.  We were impressed with your company's rating and immediately gave you a call.  We were pleased with your quick assistance, prompt emails and efficient communication in setting up a time that would work with Jack's busy schedule.  You indicated exactly how much the service would cost, verified telephonically that the price was acceptable to us, and that we would receive a call prior to our appointment to verify the time and place.

Our scheduled appointment was set up for a few days later and we were pleasantly surprised to receive a call prior to the appointment to offer us an even earlier timeframe due to an opening in your company's schedule.  Unfortunately, we were unable to accept that kind offer due to Jack's prior work commitments.  However, this communication verified to us the level of commitment and work ethic that your company clearly demonstrates. 

The day before the appointment we received a call from your foreman verifying our appointment time and address which was exactly what we were expecting.  Then, the morning of our appointment, we received another call informing us that one of the scheduled workers had called in sick.  As we all know, unforeseen things happen in life and we were offered options as to how we wanted to proceed. The demands of this job required a minimum of four men and it was important and necessary to not move forward until all the requirements were available.  We decided to keep the appointment and adjusted the start time until another worker could be called into work.  This situation was handled in a prompt and professional manner.  We believe that efficient communication is the foundation of excellent customer service and we give your company an A+ in this regard.

The day of the move, the foreman and other workers demonstrated exemplary service.  Their dispositions were polite, respectful, and gracious and their work ethic was evident in how quickly and effectively they moved this large heavy item.  They were able to handle the job without hesitation and we were amazed at their strength and stamina.  It only took a few minutes to complete this laborious task and we were completely satisfied and, actually, overwhelmed by the excellent service Unified Moving Services provided.

We send high marks and praise for such an amazing job to you, your foreman and all the workmen involved and we will not hesitate to call you again in the future with our moving needs.

Great job and wishing you and your company continued success.

Don Calvert

I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for sending your guys out on March 22, 2013 for the Calvert/Sykes move.   The three guys did an outstanding job.  This was our third (and it won't be my last) move using United Moving Services (UMS). 

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I have always been impressed at how the UMS moving teams balance being friendly, moving quickly, and being gentle with the furniture and boxes.  They have mastered that difficult balance well.  I also appreciate the friendliness that UMS moving teams have.  There is never any kind of complaint on their part; they are clearly very happy to be doing their job--and it shows.

Please extend to your team my highest appreciation from the 3/22/13 move.  I look forward to using UMS in my upcoming "Mini Move" at a day TBD.

The Zimet Family

Marc provided excellent customer service and kindness regarding our move from Carroll County to Howard County in Maryland. The prices can't be beat and the *hardworking/careful/professional *movers at United Moving Service are hard to come by these days.

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Four men were assigned to our job and did an amazing job. They arrived during their time window as well. Overall excellent experience!

Emile Desjardins

Your guys did an excellent job yesterday, and I wanted to thank you and them for a job well-done.  It has been a pleasure working with you, and once we are set up in LA I will be sure to provide you with the moving address.


Thanks for helping us out with the move from Baltimore to Haymarket, VA. The 3 workers you sent over were very good and curtious. We found nothing to be damaged and everything was wrapped in a professional manner.

If anyine is looking for a moving company I would reccommend you guys in a heart beat.


You're folks did a heck of a job and you can quote me. They worked through all the problems we had and even did a long haul because someone took over our loading bay.

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I personally will recommend your crew. They were respectable, courteous and most importantly reliable. The main item I liked is that they were honest. No attempt at hiding or explaining the accident away. This shows you hire true businessmen.

Accidents happen but in comparison of what was moved (a lot of glass) the Staples' desk was a statistical guarantee and I'm not sweating it.

Your guys made a hectic day a lot less stressful and I will be a calling in five months when the rehab of my condo will be done and we can move back in.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service throughout our move. Our stuff arrived in perfect timing, and I'm pleased to say the only casualty was a broken wine glass!

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Thanks again for all of your help, and I'd definitely recommend your company to anyone I know moving locally in DC or cross country.


Your team did a great job on the move. I will recommend you to anyone I know that is moving. I really appreciate all of their hard work.

Laura and George Chasson

just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and your folks for the great job they did moving our belongings yesterday. My husband was amazed at how quickly and efficiently the job was done. At one point, he told he that he broke a sweat watching your folks work so hard.

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They even set my bed back up before we even realized that it was in the new apartment! Every penny we spent was money well earned.

Carol Murray

Well I`m in and somewhat settled and wanted to send you a note thanking you for the great service. The gentelman who moved me where very professional and worked quickly and efficently and the price was well within the range you quoted.

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We only had one miror problem and that was with an old TV that received a crack in teh housing, but it still works so not a major issue. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone I know needing a long distance mover. Thanks again.

Robernette J. Smith

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the quick and efficient way crew moved my belonginis on Friday, August 3, 2007 (from Baltimore to Owings Mills, MD). They were prompt, moved very quickly, and had me ensconced in my apartment in no time at all

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. I think this is one of the best moving experience I have ever had, and I will be sure to recommend your campany to anuone in the area who needs to move. Thank you, and please convery again my thanks to the crew you sent out for their hard work.

Eric Oldham

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our move last weekend was successful and a great pleasure thanks to your moving company. Your employees were courteous, hard working, and thorugh, and made this move effortless and ehitout one regert.

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Finding and trusting a moving service to handle one of the most stressful times of life is usually an arduous task can even be a a nightmare, however, the exepience with Unified was the exact opposite and I would absolutely use your company again.

Mery Ja Durst

Just wanted to make the oppotrunity to tell you what a wonderful job you movers did for our funiture move on Saturday, June 23rd 2007. My hsband and I were amaazed at the care they took to protect every piece of furniture! They were willing to accommodate us in every way and had a positive attitude, even as it got late in the evening.

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Their positive and friendly attitude made what could have been a very stressful day a lot more pleasmant to go through. Please pass along our things to them once again for a job well done! We will be recommening your company to our friends in teh future and will definitly keep you in mind when it is time for us to move to our permanent location!

Sue Shank

I wanted to take this oppotrunity to say "Thank you" for what can only be described as the easiest move I have ever had. You company is outstanding, and I will make sure to tell everyone I know that is looking for a moving company to contact you.

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From the time that I made the reservation to teh day the workman arrived to move my belongs it was a plesant exerience. The workman were all very polite, and were very hard working. They were fast without begin reckless or careless, and never complained or "dragged their feet". They were able to move me belongings from a storage location and my parents home to my nwe house quickly and safely.

You have an outstanding crew and campany. Please make sure to let Alex, Anatolli and the third workman (I can not remember his name) know that I really appreciated their services. Thank you for making that experience easy

John Giese

Please extend my thanks to Marc, Umar, and all of the movers/packers, warehousemen, drivers, and staff at Unified Moving Services. While planning for my move, I contacted ~15 different carriers found that UMS definitely provided the best value for the price. Here‘s what you did right:

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- Straight answers: All cost were identified upfront and were easy to undestand. I received a flat rate and there were no hidden charges. I almost didn‘t believe it at first because this is not the norm amongst your competitors. On top of that, you accurately estimated the weight of my household goods; when the final weight came back your eastimate was within several hunderd pounds of the actual figure. Not too shabby considering that your competitors didn‘t come within 3,000 lbs of the actual. This was impottant to us because we were able to accurately budget for the move.
- Best cost: UMS had the best rate per lb, had the lowest packing and material fees hands down, offered free storage, and on top of all of that offered me a discount!
- Flexibillity: UMS was always willing to meet my shortfused moving and dilivery timelines and accommodate our storage requirements. Given the turbulense and unknowns surrounding our movement dates, this gave our family peace of mind and allowed us to focus our attention on the other asepects of our move that were not as well organized.
- Professionalism: we receved nothing but the most prompt, professional and couteous responses both in person, over the phone, and by e-mail from the UMS staff. It was so nise to work with calm level-headed individuals especially when everything around us was chaotic. In addidion, the movers were on-time, worked ridiculous hours to meet the movement timeline, and treated my household goods with extrime care. Your movers treated our things as if they were their own.
- First ipmressinon: Your trucks, equipment, and storage facilities were impreccably clean and well manitained. This further reinfored your professional imege and gave me the impressinon that our household goods would be well taken care of.

This will hopefully be our family‘s last move. But if I had to do it all over again, I would select Unified in a heartbeat and will enthusisstically you to anyone else considering a move. Keep up the great work and thanks again

Justin Young,Sr

I just wanted to send your company a few words of thanks. I called 9/1/06 requesting a move on 9/2/06 and from the minute the phone was answered, i was COMPLETELY satisfied. The movers were promt (they even called me when I wasn‘t on time), and professional. They worked non-stop to complete the job at hand. Once again, thank you for offering Professional Moving Services!!!

Heather Byers

Would you believe you are the ONLY person out of, I think it was 4 or 5 companies, which sent me email quotes or welcome letters who CALLED me on the phone?
I‘m too busy to sift through emails and everyone looks the same in print. You weren‘t pushy, didin‘t sound like telemarketer, you were consultative, you were friendly and offered assistance rather than using a direct hard sell approach. You won me over that way.

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Next, you asked me questions to gauge my needs and that made me feel you really were considering me as an individual.Again, a personalized approach won me over. Impressed with the professionalism and personalized attention, all I cared about at that point was: 1) were you credibleie: (I wouldn‘t end up cancelled by the company I hired the day of my moving nightmare)
2) were you priced within a reasonable market range. Those concerns were addressed and fit my needs. (I was quaranteed your crew would show when promised and you encouraged me to check you out with the BBB. Your price was similar to,but probably more than others, I‘ve heard of from past experiences of friends). At gut says I‘m probably paying a little more than others may charge, but you had built so much value, price wasn‘t the primary consideration.

Why would I turn that down?
Fast, Easy, Reliable and Reasonable.

At that point you were in a different competitive arena...all by yourself. Those other guys didin‘t compare anymore because they were still basically a brochure or a listing in the phone book to me. You were real once I heard your voice and you produced immediate results with the followup confirmations, etc.
I may kick myself later for telling you this, if things don‘t go as expected on the big day; but, I‘ll share a little secret you can boast about to your boss.Because of my experience with you and that no one else even showed up to compete in the same arena, I didn‘t even open any of the other company‘s emails until today. The one who sent me the most emails won a response from me to tell him how you won my business and he didn‘t. Hey, I believe in a competitive market and right now I think you‘ve cornered a piece of it and someone else should be in there with you to keep you from getting too expensive.But hey, you get what you pay for,right?
I hope so.
Thank you for making the decision easy on me, I‘ve too much to deal with to have to chase down one more detail, no matter how important.
Here‘s to hoping it all goes as planned.

John Nguyen

I‘m writing this letter to express my gratitude to Marc and the folks at Unified Moving Services. I had arrangements with another carrier and had made these plans about 1 month ago. As the date of my move came closer and closer, I could not get any definitive answer as to whom my carrier was going to be, not to mention if they were going to make the move date. I kept recieveing assurances that, "they‘ll be there on time, don‘t worry."

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On my actual move day, when I called into their customer service center, they stated that they were still*/ in the process of, "looking for a carrier." They stated that this was a busy time of year and that people have their services cancelled and delayed all the time. I was given no answer as to when they could find a carrier and was told that I could find another company if I wanted to. I was essentially told tough luck and left out to dry. I was in a bind as my room was going to be returned the following day and I had a flight to catch as well. I found Unified Moving Services on my move date and after speaking with Marc, he was able to ensure that movers and a van would be able to reach my place the following day. Marc took me step by step through the process and was great. I was given some peace of mind with the courtesy and professionalism from the staff at UMS. My pick-up went without a hitch and I was able to make my flight. Your company really helped me when I needed it the most.

Thank you again for fantastic service, dependability, and honesty

Blythe Stiles

I just wanted to thank you, Gary, and the gentlemen who helped us move on Saturday for your excellent service. I was not able to be there on Saturday, unfortunately, but it is my understanding that the men were efficient and courteous throughout the move.

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Marc, of all the moving companies that I called, you were the individual who was the most patient with my questions and provided me with thorough information about your service; you are the reason that I selected Unified Moving Services, and I felt confident in my choice both before and after our move.

I am very impressed by your company and will certainly recommend your service to any friends and clients planning to move in the future.


I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for all your help in my move. The move went smooth from start to finish alleviating my anxiety. The foreman was well organized, efficient, respectful and clearly experienced.

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The other movers who accompanied him were also very attentive and professional. I was quite impressed for it was all done in such a timely fashion.
I also really appreciate the follow-up call from you after my move. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would strongly recommend UMS to your perspective clients. I appreciate your help and thanking you again.


They were GREAT!!!
They were totally professional, and very easy to work with. That team is really an asset to your organization.I would recommend your company to others based on this experience.
Thanks again for helping my move go so well.


I am writing to commend the UMS Company on an efficient, safe and well-organized move. The van was on time, the movers were friendly and accommodating, and the whole job was executed in a very professional manner.

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Because I own many items of sentimental value, it was important for me to find a moving service I could trust. Fortunately, I chose UMS and soon realized that I didn‘t have to worry about the security of my belongings. I will definitely use this service in the future.


Our move from Arlington, Virginia to Sparks, Nevada went off well largely because of UMS workers. Don and his crew did great work. They packed our kitchen things well. Only one thing, a plastic container, was broken because it had been put in a box on top of the food processor‘s spindle and the spindle pierced the container. This was a negligible loss. Don’s crew worked tirelessly to pack things and move them and the things we had packed onto two trucks. We met them in our place where they picked up a couple of other items. They were there an hour before us.

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Our apologies for making them wait. I heard no complaints. They went right to work when we opened the cabin, In Sparks Don’s crew and I had lunch, but my wife, Lois, missed out. She hadn‘t kept up with the trucks! At our new house, the moving men hustled our things into the house and garage.

Lois and I worked first on emptying boxes packed by the crew in our early days here, but we couldn‘t unpack them completely because, as big as this house is, it doesn‘t have the storage space our much smaller Arlington house had. We waited for delivery of a new china cabinet and then finished unpacking. Now that all the boxes packed by Don’s crew are unpacked, we can say that only the plastic container was broken of all the things packed by UMS. Amazing.
I have to admit that we have many boxes still in our garage. None was packed by UMS. Most of them contain books and papers, so we still have our storage problem. I guess we need about seven 7-foot bookcases to begin to solve it.
UMS did a super job for us all the way around. Absolutely Great. I would recommend your company as a top-notch mover whose crews keep their schedules and pack customers‘ goods carefully.

Greg Maggio

Your workers did a fantastic job moving and bringing the furniture into my apartment last Thursday.Thank you also for putting this whole thing together.I felt very confident in your professional abilities.I would definitely recommend your company to other people who need moving services.(4/25/2005)


Your crew is terrific!!! For each of the moves,they arrived when they said they would arrive,they took extreme care in packing and loading everything,they unloaded everything with great care and put each item where i needed it.They were very personable,and they never even complained about hauling all those heavy book boxes up three flights of stairs!!!Everythnig arrived in perfect condition.Thank You!!!!!!